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Dimpleflo: Do the jostle.

Let’s talk dimples. No – not the kind you find on the pinchable cheeks of children. The kind you find inside Teralba’s Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers. The kind that enables Dimpleflo to outperform all other forms of Heat Exchanger! The Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger is an innovation from the early 90’s, characterized by the hollows created on […]

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Like chocolate? You’ll love this.

Teralba industries have recently supplied some Thermpro chocolate melting systems for serious chocolate lovers. How serious? 1 tonne at a time serious. Have a look at the sheer scale of these machines! Made entirely of Stainless Steel, these Thermpro systems melt a 1 tonne block of chocolate in less than half an hour. Our chocolate […]

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